Twin Flame/Soul Connection Hypnotherapy


Chakra Clearing

Chakras can be thought of as energy points within our bodies helping the flow of Chi/energy. In Sanskrit the word Chakra... read more

Grounding and Protection

It is important to ground yourself for many reasons. As we are energetic beings living in the physical world we can take... read more

Higher Self

We are infinite multidimensional beings who come to the earth plane to learn, grow, and help others. When we come into... read more

Oracle card reading

Discover insights into your life with an oracle card reading. Working with my spirit team I can give you guidance on past, current... read more

Oracle card reading

Pastlife Regression

Past life regression is a process using hypnosis to take a client on an inner journey to an earlier time in their soul's evolution... read more

Spritual Guidance

Including the following sessions:


Twin flame Guidance


Spritual Guidance

Twin Flame/Soul Connection

The twin flame concept is a complicated one, and this is but a brief summary of it. A twin flame, also known as a twin soul, is the... read more

Inner Healer

This hypnotherapy is aimed at giving you the capability to develop your own power to support your healing... read more