Spritual Guidance

Sessions can be conducted by Skype or in person in Suffolk (UK).

Ascension session

Helping you to make sense of your spiritual awakening wherever you may be on your journey. Having an ascension guidance session can help you understand energies, learn the signs and symbols sent from spirit to guide and help you on your own unique path. It can also help begin the healing process from past feelings of isolation and unacceptance. If you are struggling with living in this sometimes-harsh world, then you could really benefit from an ascension session. The session will be free flowing and may include oracle cards, channelled guidance, energy healing and meditations.

Sessions last approximately 2hrs and cost £80

Twin flame Guidance session

For those who are on this pathway the session can help you make sense of what is happening. It is particularly helpful for those who are in separation and wanting to bring about union. It will give you guidance on how to balance the energies within you, help you to clear blockages like past Karma and ancestral DNA to bring about union, and how to work with the twin flame energy. The session will include guided meditation, energy healing to clear blocks and out-dated patterns, and oracle cards for further clarification.

Sessions last approximately 2-3hrs and cost £122

Lightworker Session

This session is perfect for you if you have felt like you don’t really fit in and have struggled with earth as a society. In this session, you can discover your galactic ancestry and where you originated from. We are all intergalactic travellers and have experienced many lives on other planets. If you believe yourself to be a lightworker then you have most likely spent very few lives on earth, and earth may feel like a very alien place. With the help of spirit, I can tap into your past lineage and discover which planetary system your soul family originated from. During the session, there will be guided mediations, and cards along with spiritual guidance from my team. This session can help you to understand yourself and your life purpose more, which can have a positive impact on your current lifetime.

Sessions last approximately 2hrs and cost £ 88

Oracle card reading

Discover insights into your life with an oracle card reading. Working with my spirit team I can give you guidance on past, current, and future life events. Card readings reflect your energy at the time of reading and therefore can only give you an insight of what may occur if you carry on the current path. We all have free will and the ability to alter an outcome with our intentions if we choose.

20 mins £11

40 mins £22

60 mins £44