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Chakra Series: Solar Plexus....How can you tell if it's out of alignment? How can you strengthen and balance this chakra?

Hi all you beautiful souls,

The third chakra or Solar Plexus is the next chakra in this series. Ruled by the element of fire this chakra is all about empowerment, mental clarity and confidence. Below I will show you what a weak solar plexus chakra looks like so you can access yourself and see if you need to bring yours back into balance. As our chakra's or energy centres flow and ebb in line with our environment and mood they are ever changing. Therefore, do not worry if you identify with most or all of the weaknessess, chakra's can be brought back into balance and by doing this you will be able to maintain a healthier way of being. 

The Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus also known as Manipura in Sanskrit meaning 'Jewel city' is represented by the element of fire. Located just above the naval this chakra is all about personal power and empowering others. It is symbolised by a Yellow ten petalled lotus flower with a downward pointing triangle at its centre. The triangle is believed to represent transformational power through the element of fire, as fire has the ability to transform matter into energy which can be used to propel oneself forward. 

This chakra is connected to willpower and the ability to express ourselves to others. It conveys high wisdom and intellect and an ability to be comfortable in your own skin.

When this chakra is balanced then you will be confident, able to articulate with ease, and feel comfortable with who you are. You will not need to seek the approval of others and will have a positive outlook on life.

But how can you tell if this chakra is weak or unbalanced?

How to tell if your Solar Plexus is out of alignment

When this chakra is unbalanced you may feel that you are in need of an energy boost, you will be lethargic and find it hard to get motivated to do anything. If you find it hard to get going on projects and that you are always putting stuff off then chances are you have a weakness in this chakra. Therefore, procrastination is a definite sign that this chakra is out of alignment. 

Moreover, being unable to make decisions and confused a lot of the time is also a sign of a weakness here. People who feel unconfident in their ability to make the right choices and often seek the approval of others show that they lack self-confidence and self-belief. This chakra is all about believing in yourself and your ability to do what you want and need to do. 

Putting others needs before your own is a big sign of an imbalance in the Solar Plexus. This does not mean that you must be self-centred to have a balanced Solar Plexus, it means that by putting yourself first you will be in a better place to be able to help others. There is a saying 'you can't pour from an empty cup' which I think sums this up quite nicely. In other words looking after your own wellbeing and not allowing yourself to be controlled or put upon by others will help you be in a better place emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. As such, you will be able to still be of service to others without compromising your own needs. 

Another sign of weakness here is being afraid to put yourself forward or shine in the spotlight. This doesn't mean getting up on stage and expecting others to take notice of you. It is more about allowing your natural self to shine, making the most of what you have and believe in yourself. When this chakra is weak you will not want to be in the limelight or for others to see the real you. You will feel unconfident in your own abilities and may question if you have any abilities at all! Even when others are trying to encourage you and tell you you're good at something you will still find this hard to believe. 

If you don't go after things because you don't believe in yourself enough. Not pushing yourself forward at work, believing you're not good enough for the promotion or that someone else is better than you. Not asking that person out because you think they're bound to say no! These are all signs of an imbalance in this chakra. 

Physical signs of a weak Solar Plexus

As the Solar Plexus is situated just above the belly button then any weakness or ailment in the stomach area will be related to the Solar Plexus chakra. Any digestive disorders, Liver problems, stomach or pancreas problems, any problems breaking down or processing food. The Solar Plexus also is connected to your metabolism and problems with a slow or fast metabolism can show an under or overactive Solar Plexus Chakra.

How do you get this chakra back into alignment?

Well, to begin with you have to start celebrating you! Yes, it may be very hard if you have always put others first, have very low confidence or don't like yourself very much. But try starting every day and spend at least five minutes thinking about the good qualities you have. Maybe write a list of all the good qualities you have or have been told you have (if you are so unable to see them yourself!). This may be a very short list to begin with, but over time you should be able to find more and more good qualities about yourself. Think about how others that you have a good relationship with see you. Try imagining that you are your best friend, how would your best friend describe you? If you don't have someone in your life you are close to then start by observing how you are with yourself. What do you tell yourself on a daily basis? Is what you say to yourself negative for example "that was stupid", "I can't do that I'm not good enough"? If it is start trying to say more positive things to yourself like "I've done it before I can again" or "if I don't try how will I know I can't"?

Start spending a little time a day doing something that brings you joy. Whether that's watching your favorite tv program, going for a walk in nature, or singing at the top of your voice in the shower. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it makes you happy. Allow yourself the time to do this, don't put it off because someone else is vying for your attention! You have to start believing that you are worth spending this time on. That you are as much worthy of having these few moments to yourself as anything else you have going on in your life. By beginning to put yourself first you will begin to feel less resentful and begrudging about things you feel obliged to do, and over time will find that putting yourself first becomes easier and easier until you wouldn't dream of being treated the way you once were. Give it a go, it may take some time and discipline, but remember you are worth it!

Colour breathing is a good way to bring in the Solar plexus energy and begin bringing it back into balance. Just taking a few moments to be still and concentrate on breathing in the colour yellow, feeling your tummy filling up with the yellow energy and the warmth of this energy within. Try doing this every day for a few weeks and see how different it makes you feel.

Crystals for the Solar Plexus

Any Yellow crystal that you are drawn to can help bring you back into balance, but I have listed three of my personal favourites that always help me to get beck into balance. Wearing them, putting them under your pillow at night, or meditating with them can all help. Do what ever feels right for you, we are all individuals and therefore resonate with things differently. 

Citrine: Healing and balancing, opens and energises the Solar Plexus. Helps creativity, personal power, aids manifestation.

Yellow Jasper: Helps self-confidence, courage, vitality, and energy boosting

Sunstone: Personal power, freedom, joyfulness, abundance

Essential Oils for the Solar Plexus

As with the crystals go with whatever oil makes you feel more confident and happy. Below I have put some of the oils that are known to aid the Solar Plexus. Please remember that essential oils are powerful and it is always advisable to use a carrier oil and not to use them neat on the skin. 

Ginger Root: Very warming, good for nausea

Peppermint: Good for the digestion,

Lemon: Mental clarity, mood booster

Pine: Boosts Metabolism


There are also a lot of other modalities that can help boost your Solar Plexus like Reiki, Yoga, and meditation, go ahead and try any that help you personally. But mainly this chakra is about celebrating the wonder of you, allowing yourself to be in charge of your own personal power and not allow others to dull your sparkle! The more this chakra comes into balance the more confident of your abilities you will become, you will be able to put yourself first and will not feel guilty for doing so. You will then be able to help others from a better place and not feel drained or constantly worn out. 

Sometimes we have deep blocks that can stretch back to early childhood or beyond and if this is the case then bringing a chakra into balance can take longer or need a deep healing. If after trying these suggestions nothing is improving, then you may need a deeper clearing. I offer a Chakra clearing hypnosis which can get to the root of deep seated problems and help clear and heal them. If this is something you would like to try then drop me an email at

I hope you have found this information helpful and that you always remember what an amazing soul you are.

Many blessings

Emma x



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Chakra Series: Sacral Chakra....Does it need healing? All you need to know about this chakra and how to keep it balanced.

Hi All,

The next Chakra in this Chakra Series to explore is the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra or Swadisthana in Sanskrit is our centre of pleasure and creativity and is found in the pelvic region of the body. This blog will help you to discover if you may have a weakness in this chakra and what to do if this chakra is weak and out of balance. Our chakra's are ever changing and can easily go in and out of balance. Healthy balanced chakra's allow the body's chi or life force energy to flow through the spine and around the body helping maintain a healthy equilibrium. When we have weak and unbalanced chakra's it can cause dis-ease in mind, body, and soul. Therefore, learning when your chakra's are out of balance and how to bring them back into alignment can help your overall health and well-being.  

The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is all about femininity and goddess energy and is said to be governed by the Hindu goddess Pavarti. Even for men this chakra teaches them about getting in touch with their feminine side and their emotions. Ruled by the element of water it helps us express and maintain our emotions and our creativity. It helps us get in touch with sensuality, intimacy and our connection to all. Centred in the pelvic region it is also connected to procreation, fertility, and fun! The sacral chakra is represented by a six or sixteen petalled orange lotus flower representing different modes of consciousness. Within the centre of the flower there lies an inverted cresent moon showing the element of water. The colour orange represents vitality, vibrancy and creativity. This Chakra teaches us about the importance of play and letting go of that which we cannot control. When this chakra is in balance then you will have a zest for life and be able to harness the creativity within you, you will be in touch with your emotions and able to accept and let go of anything that is worn out and holding you back in life. But how do you know if this chakra is out of balance? and how can you correct it?

How to tell if you have a weak Sacral Chakra?

As you would suspect with a chakra that governs the reproductive and sexual organs if you have any problems with fertility or sexual disfunction/ disease ect...then chances are this chakra is weak and unbalanced. When it comes to physical ailments connected to weakness in this chakra then most of the organs of the pelvic region, hip problems, bladder, sexual organs will be connected to this chakra.

When this chakra is weak you will find it difficult to play and have fun. People may say to you that you take life too seriously and that you need to let your hair down more often. You may have been told or believe that you are a bit of a 'control freak' and have to have everything in its place......sometimes including people!!! You will find it hard to go through life without having a plan and being spontaneous is just too scary! Being routined and habitual is comfortable for those with a weakness in this chakra and makes them feel safe.

Another sign of a weak sacral chakra is an unwillingness or inability to be intimate with someone, or any negativity concerning sexuality, like shame or guilt. You may not feel that you can be intimate with another person or even yourself and that sex is something dirty or unpalatable. 

If you ever tell yourself that you aren't creative and feel you have trouble expressing yourself creatively then chances are that your sacral chakra is odd balance. As the chakra of creativity, when flowing freely you will feel able to express yourself in whatever avenue feels good for you. Creativity is not necessarily all about art, dance or drama there are lots of different ways to be creative in which ever field resonates most with you. 

How can I help to Heal this Chakra?

If you have found that some of the above or maybe all of the above rings true for you then don't despair there are many ways an unbalanced chakra can be brought back into alignment. It is also good to remember that just because this chakra is out of balance now it is always changing and you should be able to bring it back into flow easily. However, sometimes a chakra maybe very stuck or blocked particularly if there is a very deep rooted issue within in it and it may need some deeper clearing. But most of the time a chakra can be brought back in balance with relative ease. If you do find that after trying these tips and techniques that there is no improvement then I do offer a Chakra Clearing Hypnotherapy which is very powerful and can help identify unbalanced chakras and bring them back into balance. 

Firstly to help this chakra go and have some fun...yes fun! Even as an adult you should let your hair down and have some play time. What you find fun may not be the same for someone else so pay attention to what you enjoy doing and what makes you smile and do some more of that. If you have small children watch how they can enjoy even the smallest thing. Try and remember what used to make you smile and what sort of fun you had when you were young. If you struggle to find any joy from your childhood, then remember the last time you laughed. What were you doing? What made you smile or laugh? Think how you can bring about some more joy and play into your world. Have a break from your responsibilities, even if it's only for a few minutes. The more you get in touch with allowing your inner child out the more relaxed and at ease you become. Opening up to play will let the energy in this chakra begin to flow causing a ripple effect (as this chakra is governed by water) healing any physical and emotional problems in this area. 

Emotions are something that we all have and many believe that we need to become master of them. However, I believe that our emotions are our compass they let us know when we are heading off in the wrong direction. So, even our most negative emotions can be a benefit to us. When we feeling calm and happy then we are expressing our true natures and anything that takes us away from that is teaching us something about ourselves that we need to pay attention to. When this chakra is out of balance then you may find that you are overly emotional, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. It is just your inner self alerting you to bring yourself back into balance. It's about accepting yourself for who you are, and acknowledging that you have emotions and that it's ok to have them.

Wearing orange clothing, eating or drinking orange coloured food can also help heal this chakra. As can colour breathing and spending a few moments a day visualising filling your sacral area with orange energy. You could also try meditating on the colour and imagine bringing in orange energy through the top of your head and throughout your body, particularly focusing on the sacral area. Imagine that any dark spots or stale energy is being removed and dissolved away leaving only the vital orange energy within. 

Dancing is a great way to bring the sacral chakra back into alignment. Just choose your favourite tunes and let yourself go. The movement really helps chi/life force energy to move around the body removing stuck and stagnant energies. 

Yoga is a also a very good way of moving energy around the body and through the chakras. Hip openers and forward folds are particularly good for the sacral chakra. If you find it hard to get to a class then there are lots of instructional videos on YouTube that can help you with your yoga practise. 

Crystals for healing

Any orange crystal which you are drawn to can help align this chakra as crystals have many qualities that have been shown to help heal certain physical and emotional ailments. Below is a list of a few crystals that are particularly useful for helping heal a weak sacral chakra. You can either wear them, put them in the bath (as the sacral chakra's element is water), sleep with them under your pillow, or even put them into a crystal grid. Always remember that some crystals energy can be very powerful and please check (especially if you are pregnant) that the crystal is ok for you to use. Once you have chosen the crystal you are most draw to, then you will need to cleanse it before using it. There are several ways you can do this, I usually cleanse my crystals in salt or spring water or putting them out in the moonlight. Some crystals do not like water so always check with the person you buy the crystal from, or google/youtube etc... to whether it's ok for that particular crystal. There are lots of good videos and information on the internet about the best ways to care for crystals so just go with whatever resonates most with you.

The crystals below are all ok to put in water and are believed to help heal your Sacral Chakra

Tangerine Quartz: Balances emotions, opens the mind to ideas, heals trauma, balances       giving and receiving energy. 

Orange Calcite: Cleanses and clears negative energies, balances emotions, helps the reproductive system, helps IBS

Carnelian: Boosts energy and Creativity.

Essential Oils for balancing the Sacral Chakra

Essential oils can also be very good at re-balancing the chakra's, when choosing an oil go for one that you are really drawn to and always remember to use a carrier oil. The oils can be very potent so never use them directly on your skin. For the sacral chakra they can be extremely beneficial when used in the bath, but please never put them directly into the bath water. Always cut them with bath salts or a carrier oil. Below are some of the best oils for the Sacral chakra. As the chakra is to do with goddess energy and sensuality any floral or feminine fragrance would work well. 

Rose oil: Helps stress, grief, anxiety, insomnia

Orange blossom (Neroli):Good for depression, insomnia, frigidity, shock, stress marks

Clary Sage: Labour pains, exhaustion, lifts emotions, clarity

Ylang Ylang: Use for anxiety, hypertension, palpitations, stress

Jasmine oil:Harmonises sensual and emotional energy, Reawakens passion and creativity


I hope you find these tips and techniques useful and remember the Sacral chakra is all about the fun and enjoyment of life. So go have some fun and let your creativity flow. 

If you do find that you are still experiencing problems then having a chakra clearing hypnotherapy or past life regression maybe very beneficial for you. Just check out the Chakra clearing page or past life regression page on my site or email me at

Many blessings





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Chakra Series: Root Chakra....How do you know if it's weak? All you need to know to help balance this chakra.

Hi All,

I have been guided to put out a series of blogs featuring each Chakra or energy system of the body and beyond. The blogs will include how to diagnose if you have a weakness in the chakra and if so what you can do to strengthen the chakra to bring you back into balance. The reason I have decided to do this series is because I have found through my work that so many of my clients have weaknesses in their chakra's which are holding them back in so many ways. As it can hard to tell which Chakra's may be out of alignment so I'm hoping this information will help you start to bring your chakra's into alignment and in turn help you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Root Chakra... The Foundation


The root Chakra is found at the base of the spine, also known as Muladara in Sanskrit, it is represented by a four petalled Lotus and the colour red. Within the centre there is a square showing foundation, as this chakra is the lowest and most dense of the internal chakras and helps root us to the physical plane. The inverted triangle is believed to have a dualistic meaning with the downward cone representing how knowledge can sprout forth once the seed has been planted, and from the other direction it is said to represent the expanding of one's consciousness. The 4 petals are representations of the human psyche, which are: Ego, Mind, Intellect, and Consciousness. It is important to have this chakra open and flowing well as it is our base and with any building you need a good foundation. If this chakra is weak then it becomes very difficult to keep all the other chakras flowing, as even though we are spiritual beings we are living in a dense physical world and need to have certain physical needs met before we can rise. 

What are the properties of the Root Chakra?

The root chakra is our base how we stay grounded and connect with the earth below us. It is all about safety, security, and material wealth. Each chakra is represented by a particular colour and element. The colour of the root chakra is red for vitality and awakening, and not suprisingly its element is earth. It is said that after we are born and our chakras have been established through childhood our kundalini energy then coils itself around the base of our spine to await its time of ascension and awakening. To be able to raise your energy and awaken this kundalini energy you need to firstly have all chakras balanced and aligned.

How do I know if my Root Chakra is weak?

There are some probably obvious ailments that show weakness in the root chakra like lower back problems, but there are also some more subtle ones. As this chakra represents the base and foundation of ourselves then physically aliments/accidents or problems with the lower part of your body would point to root chakra weakness. Anything connected to your feet, legs, knees, or lower back. Problems with your bones, like osteoporosis or scoliosis, broken bones, or bone cancers all show weakness in this chakra, as well as bowel issues like constipation or bowel cancer. What is less obvious is that problems with the blood can also point to a weak root chakra. 

Financial stability is connected to the first chakra, so if you are constantly worrying about money or have low finances then this would show a weakness. The root chakra is also connect to home, so if you are constantly moving homes and have dissatisfaction over your living arrangements it could point to a weak root chakra. The root chakra is to do with organisation and consistency so if you have trouble getting organised or being consistent in your day to day life then this could also show a weakness. Moreover, if you had a challenging first few years of childhood up to the age of seven with lots of dysfunction this often can have a bit effect on this chakra. 

How can I help heal this Chakra?

There are lots of different things you can do that will help you heal each chakra. One of the first things to do after you realise that this chakra is out of balance is to do something that will help to ground yourself. This could be as simple as going for a walk in nature and connecting to the natural world, if you are not able to do this then tending to plants, walking bare foot on the grass, or buying yourself some flowers to look at can also help bring nature to you and begin your connection to the earth. 

The first five chakras are all connected to one of the physical senses and for the root chakra this sense is smell. Therefore, any scents that are earthy or remind you of good childhood memories can also help this chakra heal. Below are some essential oils that can be very helpful when used with a carrier oil to bring about healing:

Sandalwood: Mental clarity, relaxing and calming, aphrodisiac, astringent, antiseptic

Cedarwood: Antiseptic, astringent, focus and wisdom, clears out toxins

Rosewood: Aphrodisiac, antibacterial, spiritual and meditation, 

Black Spruce: Wound healing, arthritis, antiseptic, clears emotional blocks

Rosemary: Memory, stress relief, anxiety relief, boots immunity, 

Due to the physical nature of this chakra any modalities that are connected to moving the body and stabilising its core will help. Yoga is one of the modalities that can really help connect you with your inner core and ground you to the earth, as well as helping your physical body it also helps open up your connection to mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy massage, reflexology, and pilates are also all very good ways of helping this chakra. 

As colour can really help with healing wearing the colour red, meditating on the root chakra symbol or eating red foods and root vegetables can also help this chakra strengthen. Colour breathing is a simple exercise that can help bring the colour red into your system. You can do this by sitting comfortably and breathing in slowly for 5 seconds, holding for 5 and then breathing out whilst imagining bringing the colour red into your body. Then repeating this for about 5-10 minutes. You can bring the colour in and down to the base of the spine seeing the colour growing and brightening in this area. Try repeating this exercise daily for a week and see what a difference it makes to how you are feeling. 

There are many other ways of helping you bring this chakra into alignment, but these are the ones I have found the most effective. I hope that you have found this blog helpful. Please comment below if you have any other effective ways you have found to open and align this chakra.

If you would like to have a full Chakra Healing Hypnotherapy for balancing and clearing then please connect me at or email

Many blessings

Emma x






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Soul Contracts, Fate and Destiny V's The Law of Attraction!

Hi All, 

This blog is all about Soul Contracts, Fate and Destiny V's The Law of Attraction, it will be looking at how can these concepts be able to co-exist as on the surface they appear to be contradictory. If you are following a projected course, a pre-ordained destination then how can you also have free will to manifest what you truly desire? How can you keep the faith that things will turn out the way you wish when you could be fighting against destiny? Moreover, what if you have no control in your path? If you are having a very challenging life why would you want to bother striving to better yourself if your future is already set? We will be looking at these questions and looking at how both The Law of Attraction/co-creating and Soul contract can play important roles within your life here on earth.

Soul Contracts....What are they? Why do we have them?

Before entering into a new life each soul will go through a lengthy process of accessing all of the experiences they have had up to date, and what they would like to experience in the next lifetime. This will include lessons that still need to be mastered and any Karma that needs to be addressed. The soul will have with it members of their soul family and trusted guides and wise elders helping them to choose the very best conditions for the greatest soul growth. All souls will have an individual mission or lessons to learn and also a collective one. It may seem to be a bit complicated, but if you think of earth as being one big school. Within school you will have individual essays, exams, etc...but also group projects to complete. In this way all souls on the earth have contracted to help each other evolve and grow. This may be very hard to get your head around as the world can appear a very disjointed and far from harmonious society. But in our own way we are helping each other develop more compassion and bringing earth nearer to peace.

When we have our pre-birth review all aspect of the next life will be carefully looked at down to the ideal parents who will help give you the right conditions to learn your lessons.... Yes, that's right you do choose your parents!!  Even though you may have had a very difficult childhood or feel that there is no way you would have chosen them. We do choose all of the significant people who we encounter along our path, for they will guide us through and help us grow and learn in the way we need to. It may be that you decided to alter a families destructive patterning by being born to abusive parents, and then deciding not to treat your children in the same way. Therefore, stopping the abuse in that family line and helping heal the hereditary negative patterning. There are many reasons why you will have chosen the parents/country/siblings/etc....But it will always be for your highest good and the highest good of the All (collective consciousness) as we are all connected. 

After the review you will draw up a blue print or plan of the life you are about to enter. This plan will have certain times when conditions will be right for growth phases/important relationships/challenges/etc...This will not be set as a certain date exactly but it will be when the soul has reached the next phase in their evolution. If you can think of each soul having to graduate one subject before moving onto the next, one soul may graduate the lesson of patience quickly whereas another may spend lifetimes trying to master this. We are each divinely unique and therefore will reach our own goals in our own time. But if we have this blue print drawn up that we are following through our life on earth, what happens if we don't reach our goals? What about free will? The way my guides explain this to me is if you can imagine you have a path stretching out before you. The path is leading to a destination in the distance, if you follow the straight path then it will lead you quickly to your destination where you can move onto a new destination. Free will can cause the twists and turns in the road along the way to the desired end, although you consciously have no idea you've turned down a dead end or have decided to go miles out of your way. Eventually even the souls who are wandering far from their desired destination will find their way back to their path. Sometimes a soul may try the same soul lesson over many lifetimes and spend many lives wandering about off their chosen path, but even when this happens there is usually other learning which is occuring. At the end of each lifetime we will experience an overview of the life we have just left, this will not be a judgement and is nothing to be concerned about. It's more like an apprasial where along with your guides and soul family you look at what you achieved and what still needs to be worked on. 

But what about manifesting your desires? How can the Law of Attraction fit into your souls pre-designed plan?

The Law of to manifest what you desire.

There has been a big increase in the Law of Attraction and the concept of manifestation. Many have begun channelling messages from divine energy urging us that we are co-creators of our destiny and can manifest what we truly desire. But how can this fit into the divine plan? or you specific blueprint? Well, the way my guides have explained this to me is that although we come into the earth plane with a plan or mission to achieve in this lifetime it is not set in stone. We have the power to heal past hurts and release stuck Karma or blocks and move past lessons of lack. They explain that most of the time when we are kept in a pattern of lack or negative situations then it is our own fears holding us back from attaining what we truly desire. We are all energetic beings and have the power to use universal energy to co-create what we want into form. The way in which we can achieve this is through our thought patterns, emotional body and belief system. for example; if you wish to bring more money into your life then you need to put the intention out to the universe something like "Money flows to me easily" and then repeat this affirmation whilst really imagining how you would feel to have more money. You need to really feel this, as the universe is energy it will work on the energy you are projecting. So, if you are saying the affirmation but not really feeling it will happen or believing you don't really deserve this then the universe will struggle to manifest your desire. This is where many fall down and believe that the law of attraction doesn't work for them. 

I have channelled some information from my guides on this subject which they would like me to share with you about manifestation and how to make your dreams a reality, and I will post it below:

Dear Ones,

We are pleased you are here today and we will now put somethings straight about the law of attraction and manifesting what you truly desire. Firstly, you will need to be sure about that which you most desire. Is it something which is in alignment with your soul purpose? Or is it purely ego driven? Sometimes when the ego is so heavily in charge then people attempt to manifest that which will never come to fruition, as it is so far out of soul alignment. You need to feel in your heart, in your soul that this desire is truly for you. To become aligned with your souls desires you will need to go within ask yourself. How will bringing this into my life be of benefit to me and to others? Will it be for personal gain only or does it have a higher purpose? Yes, it is alright to manifest material possessions such as houses or cars, but it is the intention behind the desire that is so important and will very much determine the ultimate outcome. 

To manifest that which you would wish you also need to be aware of the energy you place behind the wish. If for example; you are desiring more finances or financial security, but are not feeling in your heart that you really deserve this or that it will never happen then the desire will never come to pass. To be able to co-create on the earth plan you will not only need to have intention which is pure of heart and of purpose, but you will have to align your energy accordingly. The energy needs to match the desire. If you want to feel more love, but you are feeling so unloved when you wish this then the universe is powerless to provide your wish. The universe is energy and therefore needs the right vibration to send forth the desire. Alas, people sometimes think that manifestation does not work! They say they have tried it and they did not get what they wanted. But if they looked within and questioned why this may be they would understand. 

We so want you to have all that you desire whilst you are on the earth plane. We will help in any way we can, but we need your permission to intervene. Prayer is a good way of asking out. However, we are powerless to return that which you desire if the intention is wrong or if you yourself have blocked the wish with your own lack of self-worth or emotional mismatching. When you wish to ask out to the universe please think carefully about what you are asking for. Then spend sometime thinking about what it would be like to have that dream come true, feel deeply in your heart and believe fully that you deserve this in your life. Then let go of this, do not try and hold on too tightly to it. Do not worry about when it will arrive or become too fixated on how it will come to pass. Doing this will only create blocks and make it longer to occur or stop it from happening at all. The universe may have a better way or timing then you have envisaged. Trust in us, trust we will provide all that you need. Whatever you wish we want to help and be of service to you. Manifestation is yours for the taking and indeed some of you have become masters at it. Yet, many are still stuck thinking that they are powerless, locked in their own cycle of despair and misery. Thinking the world is a cruel and wicked place. We say go within Trust in your inner knowing and bring forth your souls true desires. Send them out to the universe, Believe and then Receive all of the wonderful gifts you truly deserve. Do not become prisoners of your own making. Do not allow fear of failure to rule your lives. Rise above this and go forth fearlessly. You are worthy, you are loved, you do deserve.

Believe, Believe, Believe!


I hope that this channelling will help you see that it is our own blocks and fears that are holding us back from creating the lives that we truly desire and deserve. I understand it is hard to stay positive sometimes and it is ok to have days where all you want to do is hide under your duvet and eat ten gallons of ice-cream!! We are here to experience everything and this includes times of sorrow, if there was no rain then the flowers would never grow. But moreover I feel this message from spirit is more about, when you send out a thought of something you desire try and keep it positive and only focus on a positive outcome.

I wish you all the best of luck manifesting your desires into form, and if you need any help unblocking stuck energy or releasing negative thought patterns then I am here to assist. I am now offering Spiritual guidance sessions and Oracle card readings along with the Spiritual Hypnotherapy.

I wish you a wonderful  June and Summer Solstice.

Many Blessings to you all

Emma x

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News for May.....Soul and Spirit Magazine Article.....Time out to reflect and recharge!

Hi All,

I am very excited that Innspira Spiritual Hypnotherapy has been featured in the May addition of Soul and Spirit Magazine UK. I am so grateful to have the opportunity of more people discovering the healing benefits of this wonderful therapy. In the interviewed article I answer questions about Spiritual Hypnotherapy, including the benefits, some of the types, and a look at one of my client cases.


If you would like to purchase your own copy then the magazine is available in most high street newsagents and supermarkets as well as online: 


 Taking time out to reflect and recharge

 This month's blog is about taking the time for you and not feeling bad or guilty about it!! At the beginning of this month I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few days in Glastonbury, recharging my batteries and reflecting on the year so far. It is so important to take time out for yourself and not to feel guilty for doing it. If you take the time to listen to yourself and rest when you need to, then you will be able to face the challenges life throws at you with fresh eyes and renewed vigour!


Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury is a place steeped in mystery and legend and it certainly feels slightly otherworldly. I love the energy of the place, and was truly blessed to have such wonderful weather.

This is me meditating outside which helps so much with grounding and getting you back to nature. The picture was taken at Breen Down, near Weston Super Mare. It's a bit of a climb up but well worth it for the view and the peacefulness. Hearing the waves crashing below and feeling the cool sea breeze was beautiful and really helped me feel at peace.

Taking time to be still and centre yourself helps you to listen to your intuition and the call of your heart. Most of the time we are running around doing a thousand and one things and never feeling like we are actually making any headway. Life can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if we are being relied upon by others at home or at work. Being able to take some time away, even if that is only for a few moments can help you bring back a sense of calm and empowerment to your life. Even though spending time in quiet reflection and meditation may seem like a waste of time when there is so much to do, it is actually very benefical. For a start it helps you to become calmer and be able to think more rationally. Sometimes when we are stressed and trying to get too much done we miss things or have mishaps because we were ignoring what our intuition was trying to tell us. Going within helps get you back in touch with your soul, your inner self, that wise loving part of yourself that so wants to help you move forward in the right way.

Reflecting and recharging is a way of being able to take stock of where you are, where you would like to be, and how you might make that happen. It can take a while to learn how to switch off and give yourself some 'me' time, but if you can allow this practise into your life then you will start to feel the benefits straight away. If you are a giver and are constantly giving your time, energy, love away to others but not allowing the same to come back to you then there is no balance. In life we need to find a balance, this is how we progress. This is not to say do not give, of course giving is important but so is receiving and this means receiving love from yourself too. 

Some quite reflection at the Chalice Well (Glastonbury)

For some self love will be quite reflection and meditation, for others it may be an exercise class or a hot bubble bath. Whatever it is that gives love back to yourself embrace these moments as a gift to yourself, and know that your soul will be truly grateful. So take some time today, even if it is only for a few minutes, giving back to yourself going within and listening to your inner self. You may be surprised by what it is telling you! Don't feel guilty just take the time out and see what happens.


Emma x


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Grounding and Protection....why bother? to keep yourself psychically safe!


Welcome all to this month's new blog. For the month of April I thought I would write about the importance of staying to do that and how you can protect yourself from outside negative energies and psychic attacks. 

Where I live in England we are currently experiencing springtime. A time when the evenings begin to get lighter, people spring clean their homes, and the old dark winter lifts away revealing the new brightness of spring.......bringing with it a change in energy. Energy is everywhere, your home, the street you live on street, the universe! We are all made up of tiny vibrating atoms of energy, as is everything out there in the known universe. This energy can have a profound affect on how we are, emotionally, mentally, even physically and the impact can be much more than many would believe!

The energy around us can be dense, heavy and negative or light, uplifting, and positive. All of us, at some point or another, have sensed the energy around us even those of us who feel very disconnected from spirit. You know when sometimes you enter a building and instantly get an uncomfortable feeling which makes you want to leave! This is your energy field/aura picking up on the energy of the place and if it is heavy and dark it will feel very uncomfortable and sometimes suffocating. People often say "I don't like the feel of that place" or "I felt uncomfortable being in that place". It's not just about places either, sometimes you may meet someone and either love their positive vibe or the energy they exude or feel uncomfortable and not like the energy they give off at all.

As humans energy impacts us all everyday, if you do not ground and protect yourself from these energies then they can really drain you and cause all kinds of problems...from depression and anxiety to physical aliments like tiredness and headaches! Subsequently, this has an impact on your aura or the energy field we all have which extends around our bodies. The strength and width of your aura depends a lot on your energy and your level of vibration. What I mean by level of vibration is how you are feeling in general. For example; if you mainly feel positive, optimistic and in a space of giving and receiving equally or being balanced then your energy vibration will be high and your aura strong. If on the other hand you feel very down, tired, irritable, that the world is an unfair place etc.. then your energy vibration will be lower and your aura could be weakened and sometimes damaged.


The human Aura or Energy field extends out around the body.

When we have trouble lifting ourselves out of feeling low, anxious, irritable etc... it may be because we have inadvertently picked up unwanted negative energies, entities, and other low vibrational energies from our environment or the people around us. For instance, have you ever experienced a time where you're feeling feeling pretty good and upbeat and go somewhere or meet someone and after a few minutes of being with them or in that place your mood starts to change. Maybe you always have a headache after seeing that one friend, or feel really irritated when you come away from a certain place? This does not mean that you need to stop seeing your friend or not go to the places you used to, but that you may need to protect yourself from their energy or the energy of a certain environment. Sometimes when people have a negative outlook on life or are feeling very low they can give off these lower vibrations which if you aren't protecting yourself you will pick up in your aura. This is not something that the person will be aware of so it is usually unintentional, you may have heard the term energy vampires. Energy vampires are people who will be functioning with a lower vibration and often damaged auras. This makes them need to suck out the energy of another to feel better, often they will have no conscious knowledge of what they are doing. Moreover, environments can also hold a lot of energy, and if a place has had a lot of negative things happen within it then it can still retain some of the negative energy which can affect a person's aura. The environment may also be home to certain unevolved souls who are yet to move on and they can also impact the energy of a place. Often these souls are lost and not deliberately malicious or malevolent, but scared and fearful of moving on. However, knowing how to ground yourself and protect yourself from outside energies can help you stay out of fear and low vibration. Nothing can affect your energy field unless you allow it to, this is not always a conscious thing but on a soul level. With energy the rule is like attracts like, therefore if you are functioning at a higher vibration then lower vibrations can have little impact on you. But in order to stay in the higher vibration grounding and protecting your aura regularly are important.

What is grounding? Why does it help with protection?

We are all spiritual beings having an third dimensional earth experience. Part of why we choose to experience earth is to learn about living on the earth and the different energies held here. Earth can be a very dense and hard to keep your vibrational energy raised due to the level of negative energy and harshness. But, we can use the earth's energy as a great way to ground ourselves to this earth plane and help raise our vibration. The earth itself is full of energy and learning to get back in touch with nature is a great way of lifting your vibration and ground yourself. The negative energies on the earth are and have been caused by the conflicts, aggression and fear of the people living upon it not the earth itself. The earth itself is a conscious energy also having an experience, she is known by many names one of which is Lady Gaia and is full of positive energy we can harness if we know how. Learning to get back in touch with nature and the rhythm of the earth can have a positive affect on your life and bring you back to your true inner self. By grounding yourself everyday and protecting your aura you will be helping yourself stay in your own unique energy frequency, and not take on outside energies that can lower your energy or vibration. By keeping a higher vibration it can help you manifest the things you desire faster, as the law of attraction works on our thoughts and the energy we put out. 

Below are a few ways you can keep yourself grounded and help raise your vibration. There is also a short grounding and protection meditation exercise that can help you every day. Give it a try, and see what a difference it can make to the way you feel, grounding and protecting regularly can bring you a greater sense of calm and bring about positive changes in your life.

How to Ground yourself

- Taking a walk in nature, feeling the energy of the trees listening to the animals and birds really feeling the experience of being in the moment.

- Spending time by water, a lake, river, the sea. Water is very calming and healing.

- Being mindful, spending time just realising what you are consciously doing in the present moment. Usually we don't pay attention to where we are in the present moment. We are too busy thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Spending even 5 minutes a day on being in the moment can really help ground and centre yourself.

- Breathing and connecting in with your body. Just spending a few moments to breathe deeply feeling the air coming in and filling up your lungs slowly and blowing your stomach up like  balloon, then releasing the breathe slowly until every last bit of air is released. Try this once a day for a week and see how you begin to get in touch with your body.

- Sometimes after meditation or just waking up people can feel a little spacey and not quite in their body. If you ever feel like this then you are not grounded. Eating something or having a drink of water can really help with this.

A short Grounding and Protection exercise

Start by sitting in a chair with your feet on the ground and your back upright. Take a couple of deep breaths in and close your eyes. Allow yourself the time to relax and try and put any worries you may have to one side for a few minutes. Imagine, that there is a big white light energy just above your head, as you breath in bring this white energy into the top of your head. Imagine, see, feel the energy moving down your body both inside and outside your aura, see or feel this energy moving through every cell in your body. when it reaches your feet imagine that this energy is extending out of the bottom of your feet like tree roots. See, feel or sense these brilliant white roots extending down and down into the earth below you, even if you are in a high rise flat, just imagine the roots reaching down and down into the earth below. Allow the roots to continue moving down until they reach the centre of the earth, when at the centre either use a big crystal (pick a colour that feels right for you) or a large boulder/rock and anchor the roots. Imagine them wrapping around the crystal or boulder. Then feel the energy of the earth moving back up the roots all the way back up to your body and right to the top of your head. See the energy now cascading down around your body and creating a large egg or bubble of protection. Know that you and your aura are protected and safe. Bring yourself back slowly and open your eyes.

You can do this exercise quite quickly once you have done it a few times. I do this every morning to make sure that I am protecting myself from outside unwanted energies. You can also ask your spirit team of guides and helpers of the highest vibration to assist you with this. Just ask that they are there with you and allow them to help protect you.

If you would like to know more about how to ground yourself and learn more techniques and tools for protecting yourself and your environment then I offer a Grounding and Protection Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Guidance service. All prices are on my website and I also offer a FREE half hour phone/Skype consultation session. Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Guidance Sessions can be conducted in person or via Skype. 

I hope you found this blog useful, I would love to here from anyone who has tried the grounding tools and exercise, about any of your grounding and protection experiences or about your spiritual and ascension journeys! Feel free to put a comment below or drop me a line :-).

Many Blessings to All

Emma x




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Learning to go with the flow

This month's blog is all about learning to go with the flow of life, although difficult to do sometimes allowing life to unfold instead of trying to force things to happen how you think it should can be liberating and very freeing. I have also included a short piece of channelled writing and a meditation exercise you might like to try to help let go and allow things to fall into place. 

Learning to go with the flow

"when you let go you create space for better things to enter your life"



Often in life there are times where you may feel like you are constantly pushing against the tide. You are trying to get up stream but the constant barrage of water keeps you from getting to where you believe you should be. Maybe you have set a goal for yourself and are determined to achieve it in a given time-frame or have decided a particular outcome for something in your life, but no matter what you do it remains unachievable or just out of reach. Like walking through treacle reaching your goal seems so hard going, the more effort you put into getting there the further away it appears to get. life becomes stagnant, frustrating, and the spark of inspiration or magic you initially had about your dream fades like a bright summer day into the darkness of the night. Yet, try as you might you just can't seem to let go of trying to control the outcome and just let things flow!

Have you ever wanted something so much that it's all you think about? You become almost obsessed with how the goal will be reached, when it will be reached and what will happen when it is reached. Don't get me wrong I think it is good to have a goal and to visualise how you can achieve it, but holding on too tightly to how it will unfold can have a detrimental effect. It can actually create blocks and this renders the universe powerless to give you what you want. The universal energy requires a degree of flexibility because we can only see the world from our own individual frame of reference or perspective. Universal energy is all seeing and all knowing and it may have a better way of getting you to where you need to be. For instance; there maybe a better job, a better partner, a better outcome if you can only let go of the how, when, and who and allow the divine order to unfold in its own way.

If you can allow and trust in this process then going with the flow of life can be very benefical and can help you to create your desires faster and with a lot less heartache and pain. Yet, although learning to go with the flow of life may sound like an easy concept, when you have become so invested in a particular outcome or goal learning to let go and trust that an un-seeable force has got your back can be extremely difficult to do. It means you will have to step out of the way and relinquish all expectations about your desired outcome and have total faith in the universal divine force. 

For many people this is so hard to do, many of us thrive on being control freaks! We love nothing more than making sure we know exactly what is going on and have a need to make sure all is just as we want it to be. I know I am guilty as charged and have had many occasions where I have found it hard to let go and trust that everything is working out how it should. The temptation can be so great to start obsessing over end goals, then before you know it you're back in a negative spiral of thoughts about why it's not happening, and what you you're doing wrong, or why you can never catch a break! Sound familiar? I spent many years trying to work out how people can just let go of something they really want to happen, and not worry about the ultimate outcome, just that it will happen in the right time if it's meant to be.To me this just sounded infuriating and irresponsible. I mean if you want something so badly then shouldn't you be the one to invest every minute in making sure it's going to happen when you want it to?

It took me a long time, much soul searching, a lot of disappointment and some gentle nudges from my guides till I finally gave in, hung up my control freak sash and came around to their way of thinking. Once again they were right, the only way to get what I truly desired was to believe it was possible, request it, and then let go of the way it will happen. This is not the same as just sitting back and expecting things to come to you, it is more about taking the steps you are guided to. If you keep getting the same messages about something then act on it, if however hard you try something in your life isn't flowing then stop pushing it to happen. It maybe that there is something better for you, a better way of doing something, or that there is a lesson to be learnt from the struggle. Being able to let go of when it will happen or how it will happen, just trusting what's meant for you will be yours is freeing and brings a sense of peace. But also be open to it happening in an unexpected way or time, the universe has a divine plan of which your soul is fully aware of, and helped to create, so trust in your inner self.

On my journey through this lifetime my guides have often tried to direct me and teach me through signs and channelled writing, below is a piece which they imparted to me about going with the flow of life, I hope it inspires you as it did me.

Emma x

Dear Ones, 

Sometimes it is difficult to relinquish control. To let things go and trust in the totality of a greater force can be excruciatingly difficult. But hence forth this must be achieved to be able to move forward with certainty. To be able to let go of control is liberating and can bring about peace and true acceptance in the divine oneness of all. All things just are...will always be...and have always existed. In different guises and in different amounts, but have always been. This is difficult for some to grasp, yet once you are comfortable with the idea that infinity is possible, that all just is, then it is easier to let go of control and see how life plays out. Let life flow, allow yourself to be guided gently and lovingly by the signs which are all around you. In each and every moment we are gently willing you on, always by your sides whispering in your ears and helping you every step of the way.You can of course choose to ignore these signs and go it alone, that is the will of mankind and your choice alone. But you can also choose to listen, to see the signs, go with the flow and in so doing ease your way through this earthly existence.You maybe thinking how will I know it is a sign? I hear and see nothing! But wait, be still, your soul recognises all. Quite your mind, go into nature listen to the breeze. You know in your heart and soul when something feels right. If you feel you want to hesitate or pull back, then maybe this is not the right time or it is wrong for you.Only you know the answers they are buried within. Meditate, contemplate, and the answers will emerge. We are always with you, helping you from the side-lines, and willing you on. Call on us to help when you need us and we shall appear, like a leaf on a breeze we will wing our way to you.We love you, know and always remember this.


 Learning to go with the flow Meditation 

Below is an audio I have created to help you relax and let go of some of your worries and concerns. Please make sure that before you listen to this meditation that you are in a comfortable place where you will have no distractions for at least 15 minutes.

I hope you enjoy this mediation.


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Love and relationships.... Soulmates.... Twin souls

For this month's blog Valentine's Day is upon us which is creating a lot of love energy with shops filled to the brim with love hearts and red roses! However, this is a sight you may not want to be presented with, especially if you are single or in a difficult relationship. I therefore, thought it would be fitting to write about the love relationships we all have on our journey through life, and how they are there for your growth and learning. My guides have always explained that we choose our relationships and who we are going to interact with before we are born, and that every relationship (however negative)  is there to teach us something positive. 

Many people go through life searching for that one true love the person who will, they believe, complete them and make them whole. However, many times they are disappointed when they find their lover not living up to their expectation or ideal! Sometimes the expectations we place on others can be unobtainable and unrealistic, we are after all on a journey of self-discovery and learning. If we were all perfect we would have nothing more to learn or strive for! Often the very things that annoy us about the people in our lives are the parts of ourselves that we are not comfortable with. Being able to love and be loved is an amazing thing and can bring about a sense of joy and contentment. Yet, why is it that so many of us find love relationships difficult to master? Why is it so hard to find the perfect fit for you?

Soulmates and Karmic relationships

People often talk about wanting to meet their soulmate, the other half that will complete them and make the journey through life a more enjoyable thing. But after finding someone ,who they believe can embody those things, they find that the relationship becomes full of anger, resentment, and very emotionally demanding. Why would this seemingly right person turn out to be so far from what you thought in the beginning? Why aren't they who you expected them/wanted them to be? What may be happening is that you are experiencing a Karmic soulmate relationship. As, we go through life we meet many different people and many of them will be soulmates. Soulmates are not just lovers, they can be best friends, parents, siblings, etc... A soulmate is someone who is part of your soul group/family, and they will have been with you on many journeys to many different places. This will have created a lot of past experiences for you all. Some of these experiences will have been good, but some will have been negative and not so good. Along the way you may have fallen out with some of these souls, had good or bad relationships with them. Have you ever met someone and thought instantly that you have a connection to them, that they feel very familiar? This can happen not just in a positive way, but also in a negative way. Sometimes you may feel an instant uneasiness with someone you meet, they appear to be lovely yet you can't shake the feeling? The chances are that you have had a 'run in' with them in a previous life! When we choose to experience a lifetime on earth we have a soul family who will also be there, some on earth and some guiding us from the other side, but all who we know and love dearly. Just because you have had difficulties with someone in this life, or in a past one, does not mean that you do not get along with them in spirit. If you can think of this life as a play that you are involved in, then when you leave the stage there will be some actors who you will get on with really well off stage but not on stage! This is sometimes very hard for some people to understand, as emotions can cause us to feel so strongly about someone that they do not want to believe this. However, if you try and look at the world from a different perspective and understand that the relationships we have are important for our growth and learning then it begins to make a bit more sense. Soulmates are primarily here to help teach us, be taught by us, or to be a support through the challenges of life. They can be many things to many people, but ultimately they are there to give and receive love. Sometimes this is by teaching us about our own raw emotions, and often these wise teachers do not even realise that is what they are doing, but always it will be about love. They are often there to help us to learn to love ourselves and to realise that the most important lesson you can learn is to become whole and not have to look outside of yourself for others approval. To be able to be ok with who you are and know that when you enter into a relationship to not expect the other person to complete you, but to be two complete souls in cooperation with each other. 

Twin Souls/twin flames

Some souls are on a twin soul/flame pathway which is very different from a soulmate connection, this not a journey to be taken lightly, it can be extremely challenging but also rewarding. A twin soul is the exact vibrational match to yourself. It is a very complicated concept and one that is explained in much more detail on the Twin flame/soul connection hypnotherapy page. But for today's blog science has shown us that everything in the universe is energy which is vibrating at different frequencies, I will skip the science lesson today, but just know that energy is important in twin soul relationships. Unlike soulmate relationships of which you can have many there will only be one other soul who will match your energy frequency exactly or will match your exact energy vibrations. When twin souls meet each other there will be a big internal reaction, feeling like a surging of energy from their hearts. You may feel very nervous around this person and not understand why. To begin with you will feel an intensity of love that you have never felt before, but this extreme reaction can also be very scary, as twin soul relationships show us a mirror to our own selves. If you have been emotionally damaged, or are not comfortable with who you are, then when you meet your twin all of these feelings and emotions will be brought to the surface to be cleared. Often this can make one or both of the twins want to leave as they find it difficult to be with someone who appears to be able to look into the depths of their soul. Especially if they are someone who has been wearing a mask to the public for years, or who is not in a place to admit their own failings.

Ultimately though the soul will take the lead and push the individuals to delve deep inside of themselves and work on their insecurities so they can be reunited again. It can take weeks, months, or even years for twin souls to be ready to reunite. They will have had to go through an awakening process where they learn to be ok completely with who they are, and become whole balancing their yin/yang or male/female energies. They need to be in a place of unconditional love in all areas of their life before they will be ready to successfully come together as one. Twin soul pairings were very rare on the earth plane until recently when many have now elected to come together on earth to help raise the positive vibrations and to show the world unconditional love. If you feel you are on this pathway there are many teachings available, however I suggest that you see what resonates with you as there are many conflicting opinions within the twin soul/twin flame community about the nature of the pathway. Always go with the ideas and teachings that feel right to you, as we are all seeing the world from our own unique perspectives and we need to honour this. The purpose of a twin soul relationship is twofold. The twins are here to embody and show the world unconditional love and jointly help teach others about love, as well as having their own individual mission. They are here to serve others and to spread light and love, through showing others the depth of true love and also working together to help others evolve and spread their light on the world. 

The benefits of Spiritual Hypnotherapy for helping Karmic relationships/soulmates/twin souls

If you have been struggling to understand why you may be going round in circles attracting the same type of person into you life, or why you have problems with loved ones/family members, as well as other questions you may have about relationships you are in or have experienced, then Spiritual Hypnotherapy may be the answer. Spiritual Hypnotherapy can help you clear blocks from negative relationships and relationship patterns, it can give you clarity and bring about a great sense of understanding about issues you may have had/are having with others in your life. By tapping into your own higher self and allowing it to help give you insight about your souls purpose and soul past it can help you answer many unanswered questions and bring about more peace, harmony in relationships, and greater self-awareness. If you have a better understanding of who you are, why you act the way you do, and why you choose certain patterns of behaviour then it can help you begin to change the unhelpful ones. 

If you would like to experience Spiritual Hypnotherapy for yourself then please get in touch, I would be more than happy to help, I offer a FREE half hour consultation. 

I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day and hope your lives are filled with love, joy and happiness

Emma x




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New Year....New to let go of physical and emotional pain by embracing your inner healer.


Firstly I would like to wish each and every one of you many blessings for a prosperous and happy New Year. This months blog is looking at how not addressing deep seated inner pain can lead to unhelpful habits and behaviours, and how hypnotherapy can help you to let go of the pain and stress allowing you to embrace your own natural healer within. Thus giving you a much better chance of successfully sticking to your New Years resolution.

The New Year is traditionally a time when you make resolutions and start a fresh hoping that this new year you will be more motivated, lose that weight or give up that annoying habit. However, many times you fail by placing unrealistic goals on yourself and putting too much expectation on success. When we have spent months or maybe years practising the same behaviours then changing them is going to take time and patience to achieve your desired goal. Allowing yourself time to let go of the old habit/behaviour is necessary, as well as breaking down your goal into stages and rewarding yourself each time you achieve that next stage. 

Sometimes though to be able to move forward and embrace life with fresh eyes it is necessary to fully let go of deeper seated inner pain that could be holding you back from letting go of some of the unwanted habits and behaviours. For example; Often over-eating is a sign of deep emotional pain, it may have been easier to fill the hurt by eating rather than addressing the pain within. Equally many physical ailments are caused by stress and not  fully expressing emotional pain. If you spend weeks, months, or even years squashing down pain and hurt without any form of release it will surface often as a physical illness. When you think about it Winter is a time when we often fall victim to illnesses like, colds, coughs, flu, viruses etc... then on top of that we have Christmas, which whilst being full of drinking, joy, and over-indulging, can also be a very stressful, lonely, and painful time of year for many people. Moreover, after all of the stresses of Christmas and the holiday season if you then decide that on January 1st you're going to give up drinking/chocolate/cigarettes etc... without looking at why you do those behaviours first then the chances are it won't work. You'll end up feeling lousy and frustrated because you feel like a big failure causing you to go back to the habit or unwanted behaviour with a vengeance! Sound familiar? I know I've tried to give up habits and start my January with ideas of fitness and healthy eating only to find the whole thing overwhelming a few weeks, okay...sometimes days, later!! 

How to let go of physical and emotional pain by embracing your Inner Healer.

Hypnotherapy can help towards successfully dealing with physical and emotional pain, it can help you to begin embracing your own inner healer which will allow you a better chance of letting go of the old behaviours and habits. In my work I use hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy to look at the deeper issues that cause you to need to carry out the unwanted behaviours. Once you know why or what your subconscious feels you gain from the habit then it is much easier for you to let it go. Habits and behaviours can only really be let go of once you are ready and able to release them. What an inner healer hypnotherapy session can do is look at the pain and give you the capability to develop your own power to support the healing processes in your own time. It is not meant to be a medical treatment rather to run in conjunction with them, so always continue with your current medical treatments. As human beings our thought processes are more powerful than many of us realise. A lot of research has been undertaken showing that negative thinking can have a big effect on both our mental and physical health. Therefore, it stands to reason that by suppressing your emotions you are not fully releasing past hurt which can have a knock on effect causing dis-ease within the body. Your body is after all connected to you, any negative thought/experience will be internalised and if they are unresolved then they can become physical or mental issues. Habits and unwanted behaviours can also develop as a way of keeping these unresolved emotions and issues at bay, as a way of self-medicating. Having hypnotherapy can be a very effective way of helping you let go of these behaviours and take control of your life. Helping you to stop those unwanted behaviours, or heal physical or emotional pain. If you're finding it hard to give up an unwanted habit or behaviour, or are having problems dealing with physical or emotional pain then why not try an Inner Healer Session. If there is a particular unwanted habit or behaviour that is causing you distress then I also can offer more specific hypnotherapy to help relieve and release these. 

For the month of January I am Offering a 20% DISCOUNT on all INNER HEALER HYPNOTHERAPY SESSIONS. Please get in contact if you are interested in a session or in any of the Hypnotherapies offered.

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Chakra Clearing: What are they? Why is it important to keep them clear?

For this month's blog as winter is taking hold I thought I would write about the Chakra system and why it is important to keep it clear and flowing. Winter is a time when the cycles in nature are ending and there is a clearing away of the old. As we are part of nature and profoundly affected by the changing seasons, it stands to reason that winter is a perfect time to clear away old stagnant or blocked energy to make way for the new. Although it is important to check your chakra system throughout the year, winter is a time where an energy overhaul would be beneficial to start the new year off in a positive light.

What are Chakra's?

Chakra's can be thought of as energy points within our bodies helping the flow of Chi/energy. In Sanskrit the word Chakra means 'wheel' and Chakra's when clear and healthy will appear as spinning wheels of light. As we go through life we will all experience different events, some negative and some positive. Each event will have thoughts and feelings/emotions attached to them which will produce energy, this energy will be channelled through the different Chakra points. Depending on the type of event and the emotion connected to it different Chakra centres will be affected. For example; if you experience the loss of a dear friend,relative, or partner then the sadness connected to this event could have an impact on your heart Chakra. If you do not allow yourself to grieve and push away your true feelings then it can cause a blockage with this Chakra which can in time become a physical or mental health issue. Blocked Chakra's can become dull, develop dark spots, or even stop spinning completely. This is because the block stops the flow of energy causing the energy to become stagnant. If you have a block in one or more of your Chakra's you will find you may suffer from illnesses, tire easily, be over/under emotional, develop addictive behaviours etc... depending on which Chakra is blocked and what has caused the blockage.

Within the human body we have 7 central Chakra's each with its own unique frequency, colour, and meaning associated with it. There are also many lesser Chakra's within the body, and more present in our aura (an energy field surrounding the human body). Some people are working with their full 12 Chakra system, but today I will just give a brief explanation of the main Chakra's present within the body.

Below will be a brief explanation of each Chraka.

Root: Location- Base of Spine, colour RED, associated with Safety, Security, Survival, Material comforts, Crystals: Hermatite, Garnet, Red Jasper, Ruby, Bloodstone, Mental and physical aliments of an unbalanced root chakra: lack self-esteem, fear loss, be insecure, feel unsafe, Selfish, Egotistic, Materialistic, Dominant, lower back pain, foot/leg problems, immune system problems, a balanced root Chakra will allow you to feel grounded, safe, secure, and able to manifest what you want into your life.

Sacral: Location-Just below the Naval. colour ORANGE, associated with Relationships, Emotions, Sexuality, Procreation, Sensitivity, Crystals: Amber, Carelian, Citrine, Mental and Physical aliments of an unbalanced Sacral: mistrusting others, suppression of emotions, resentfulness, sexual guilt, aggression, manipulating others, self-serving, sexual and reproductive issues, urinary problems, kidney dysfunction, hip/pelvic/lower back problems, a balanced Sacral Chakra will mean you are creative, intuitive, friendly, in touch with your feelings. 

Solar Plexus: Location- Just above the belly button, colour YELLOW, associated with will power, vitality, confidence, personal power, Crystals: Golden Topaz, Citrine, Golden Calcite, Mental and Physical ailments of an unbalanced Solar Plexus: low confidence, feel unworthy, self-conscious, insecure, anxious, confused, workaholic, resent authority, feel superior/inferior, digestive problems, liver dysfunction, high blood pressure, diabetes, stomach problems, colon diseases, with a balanced Solar Plexus you will have a strong sense of self, be confident, joyful, relaxed.

Heart Chakra: Location-centre of chest, Colour: GREEN and PINK, associated with unconditional love, compassion, giving, Crystals: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Watermelon Tormaline, Mental and Physical ailments of an unbalanced Heart Chakra: indecisive, paranoid, feel unlovable/unloved, afraid of letting go, fear rejection, possessive, mood swings, demanding, over critical, over react to criticism, asthma, heart disease, problems with breasts, lymphatic systems, upper back and shoulder issues, arm and wrist pain, balanced you will feel compassion for others, have balanced emotions, be able to love unconditionally.

Throat Chakra: Location-base of neck, Colour:PALE BLUE, associated with communication and expressing your inner truth, Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Mental and Physical ailments of an unbalanced throat chakra: difficult to speak your truth, inconsistent, unreliable, manipulative, over talk, self righteous, arrogant, forces own opinion on others, thyroid issues, sore throats, laryngitis, ear infections, ulcers, facial problems, neck and shoulder problems, a balanced Throat Chakra will mean that you live in the present moment, can talk freely and lovingly, channels divine energy.

Third Eye Chakra: Location-in the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows, Colour: INDIGO, associated with intuition, understanding, wisdom, Crystals: Amethyst, Fluorite, Sugilite, Mental and Physical ailments of an unbalanced third eye: over sensitivity, being afraid of success, undisciplined, egotistical, dogmatic, talks down to others, headaches, blurred vision, sinus issues, eyestrain, seizures, hearing loss, hormone function, balanced you will not be materialistic, but you will be intuitive, visionary, telepathic, and understand self-mastery.

Crown Chakra: Location-Top of the head, Colour: WHITE/VIOLET, associated with spirituality, divine guidance, cosmic consciousness, inspiration, Crystals: Selenite, Apophilite, Clear Quartz, Mental and Physical ailments of an unbalanced crown chakra:  depression, indecisiveness, uncreative, frustrated, migraines, powerless, sensitivity to light/sound/environment, inability to learn, when balanced there is a sense of belonging, co-creator in your life, open to source energy.


Why is it important to keep your Chakra's clear and balanced?

As the above descriptions show, blocked or slow moving chakra's can produce numerous ailments that can hold you back and cause many problems within the body and mind. Therefore, keeping your chakra's clear helps you to become healthier and more able to feel positive and ready for anything. With healthy clear chakra's you will not feel as overwhelmed by life's issues, emotions will become more manageable, and physical ailments will begin to clear. 

There are a number of ways you can help to open and clear chakra's, meditation and yoga are good and can be very helpful if the blockages are not deep seated or the chakra isn't completely stagnant. However, sometimes when there has been little movement in a chakra for a long time or when the blockage has been carried over several lifetimes a deeper clearing is needed. Spiritual hypnotherapy can be a very good way of opening up and clearing the stagnant and blocked chakra's by gaining access to your higher-self and guides to establish which chakra's are out of alignment and what needs to be done to bring them back into a natural flow. Once the deep clearing has occurred then regular yoga and mediation can help to keep the energy flowing again. 

As we sometimes take on physical aliments as a way of learning and clearing Karma (Eastern philosophy where the intent and actions of an individual will have a knock on effect for that individual in their future) even with balanced chakra's some symptoms may remain, but under hypnosis the higher-self can be asked if there is anything that can be done about the Karmic contracts and sometimes they can be removed and released. Getting in touch with your inner knowing  through hypnosis will help you gain a greater insight into yourself and where you tend to focus your energy. 

This month I am offering a special 20% discount on all Chakra Clearings during the month of December. Why not start the new year with clear and flowing chakra's and see how it can positively impact your life. Helping you bring your mind, body, and soul back into perfect balance.


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